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Pedestrians Overview

Traffic3D contains two pedestrian systems, the Traffic3D pedestrian system and the more advanced Evacu-agent system.

Which system should I use?

Traffic3D pedestrians

The Traffic3D system is quicker and easier to setup, but it is not as customizable as Evacu-agent. Pedestrians are removed from the simulation once they reach their random destinations, and new pedestrians are spawned. Whereas Evacu-agent pedestrians persist for the whole length of the simulation. Click here to find out how to setup the Traffic3D pedestrian system.

Evacu-agent pedestrians

The Evacu-agent system allows for custom pedestrian behaviour to be added and edited, as described here. Evacu-agent pedestrians behave in a more realistic manner. Different pedestrians (or groups of pedestrians) can have different destinations and behaviour, for example e.g. Workers will navigate towards a work-related location. Click here to find out how to setup the Evacu-agent pedestrian system.