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Evacu-Agent: A crowd simulator with individual agent behaviours

Evacu-agent is a crowd simulation tool that extends Traffic3D and was built to facilitate the creation of simulations to display both crowding behaviour and the effect that individual, non-uniform, behaviour has on crowd dynamics. Evacu-Agent also provides a graphical view of this behaviour, allowing for simpler study of emergent behaviour phenomena.

Evacu-agent is based on the Unity 3d games engine. All logic is written in C# using Unity scripting.

Supported platforms

Evacu-agent is tested on 64-bit Windows, Linux and OSX.

Download Evacu-Agent

As Evacu-agent resides in Traffic3D, instructions for download can be found on Traffic3Ds homepage.

Main components

Evacu-agent has three main components:

  1. Boids-like flocking behaviour,
  2. A behaviour hierarchy; and
  3. A field-of-view system.

Entry point to Evacu-agent through Traffic3d

All entry into Evacu-agent begins in PedestrianFactory.cs, more details can be found here.